We hope that you will join us for these upcoming special teachings.

  • Sunday December 10
    We Find Jesus in Chanukah

  • Sunday December 17
    The Miracles of Migdal Eder And Jesus’ Birth

  • Sunday December 24
    The Miracles of Migdal Eder And
    Jesus’ Birth
    Merry Christmas!

  • Sunday December 31
    Have A Happy and Blessed New Year!

These are very important holidays and Pastor Dom and Joyce will be sharing some of the information that the Holy Spirit has given them over the 35 years of ministry at Cornerstone. We hope you will join us on these special days, and also on all the other teachings during this season. We especially want to thank Christa Lanford and Jeanee Baird for adding to the teaching schedule and bringing wise and loving words to all of you.